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We Got Married (Season 4) SunHee Image
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funny, reality

We Got Married (Season 4) SunHee

As anticipated, another new couple is on the scene in this all new season! This series will find star to Secret's, Han Sun Hwa, and a very weird choice of husband ZE:A's, Hwang Kwang Hee! Kwang Hee being a naturally confident in his looks, pranking abilities and comedic overtone will find himself fighting hard in trying to win over Sun Hwa in this series.


We Got Married (Season 4) SunHee Ep19

Finally, the honeymoon portion of this trip is coming into play with the SunHee Couple spending the night in their hotel room. Alone at last, Sun Hwa and Kwang Hee will finally do some first time things a couple should do on a honeymoon...including perhaps a kiss? The moment will be short lived as the SunHee Couple join the rest of the WGM Couples for breakfast where an angry Lee Joon awaits with a career ending threat! Kwang Hee's in some real trouble in this one, how will he play it out?

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